Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I'm baaaaaack

Sorry I haven't been posting for the last few weeks. Life has been a bit chaotic - newspapers being put up for sale, hurricanes threatening my peeps, flashbacks to Katrina, deadlines and visitors. But there's nothing that gets me back into the blogging mood more than the start of college football season.

(By the way, all of my family members are safe and, as far as I know, suffered relatively minor damage in the hurricane.)

While everyone in Louisiana was battling Gustav, I headed to Pasadena, Calif., and the Rose Bowl on Monday where I met up with friends and Volunteer fans Kesha (above left of center) and Payton (center) to cheer for the Southeastern Conference as Tennessee took on UCLA.

I bumped into three other guys decked out in LSU national championship gear like me. It was fun responding to questions from confused UCLA fans - "Are you at the right game?" - with a simple yet confident "Geaux Tigers!"
A mini-version of the Pride of the Southland band entertained Tennessee fans outside the stadium before the game.

This is tailgating SoCal style. People park on the golf course adjacent to the stadium and set up canopies next to their vehicles.
Here come the Bruins. The first half of the game was pathetic as both teams seemed to find ways to lose.
At halftime Lou Holtz and the rest of the ESPN crew took up positions on a temporary set in our corner of the stadium.As the sun set and the second quarter opened, the Bruins - specifically their former-third-string-now-starting quarterback - came to life and eventually took the lead.
A last-second field goal by Tennessee halted UCLA's inspired comeback and tied the game, sending things into overtime. But the Bruins wouldn't be denied, and the game ended when the Volunteers failed to match UCLA's overtime field goal.

I felt bad for Kesha and Payton who had traveled a long way for the game. And it always hurts when a member of the SEC family falls short to a PAC 10 team. At least they didn't lose to USC.

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