Thursday, February 08, 2007

White stuff in London

We woke this morning to the city's biggest snowfall in seven years. About 2 1/2 inches of very wet, slushy stuff covered the ground by the time we made it outside.

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People were surprisingly playful and boisterous as I walked around the neighborhood, not unlike the way Cajuns seem to naturally respond to the slightest hint of snow in Louisiana.

The apartment complex that is serving as our temporary home.

Cute British kids frolicking in the snow.

Menacing British thugs attacking a defenseless tourist.

I'm not kidding. These kids and about 10 others cornered me in a bus stop and pelted me with rather large snow balls. They aimed for my head and ignored my pleas to protect my highly water sensitive digital camera.

I tried not to say too much because I feared they would start tossing rocks if they heard my American accent. After about a dozen hits, they ran out of balls and turned their attention to a bus that was lumbering down the road into the fire zone.

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John H. said...

Hey, buddy. You've turned into a snow magnet. Everywhere you go, the flakes fall. The Super Bowl would have been played in a blizzard if you'd spent the past weekend in Miami.

You seem to be having a good time despite the English snow punks. I'm glad. Keep posting.