Monday, February 12, 2007

More London at night

The Clock Tower (Big Ben is a rather large bell inside) and the London Eye, sort of a giant slow-moving Ferris wheel along the south bank of the Thames River. (Click on pics to make them bigger.)

Those of you from Louisiana will instantly notice that the tower and wheel are bathed in purple, green and gold light - the traditional colors of Mardi Gras. Though it is Carnival season in Bayou Country right now, I'm certain the lighting combination was just a coincidence.

Westminster Palace, home of Parliament. The object in the water is some sort of barge that's been there for days. And I can't explain why the lighting on the front right corner of the palace was turned off when I took this pic.

The big wheel again. I should note that Londoners cringe when you call this contraption anything other than The Eye.

Westminster Abbey.

The heavily guarded entry to Downing Street, where Prime Minister Tony Blair resides.

One of the giant lions that overlooks Trafalgar Square.

Without a doubt, London is best viewed at night.

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