Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I arrived in the U.K. before dawn this morning and caught the train from Gatwick Airport to Victoria Station.

Most of the people on the train were suburban commuters.

London pretty much looks like any East Coast U.S. city when seen from the commuter line.

I really like Victoria Station. It's sort of an old covered city square - inside feels like being outside. Enhancing the experience is the fact that the station has no heating.

This church sits a block away from the station.

It took me three hours to get from the airport to where Rex and I are staying near Newington Green on the northeast side of London.
- 15 minutes passing through Customs.
- 15 minutes buying a train ticket.
- 55 minutes riding the commuter train into the city.
- 15 minutes finding the currency exchange shop outside Victoria Station that offered the best rates.
- 30 minutes waiting for the guy to open the exchange shop. (A very kind Italian coffee shop operator a couple of doors down spotted me a cup of coffee until I could pay with the local currency.)
- 50 minutes riding the bus through London to my final destination.

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