Monday, May 05, 2008

City Hall

Monday must be wedding day at San Francisco's City Hall.

The building's central rotunda was filled with dressed-up couples anxiously waiting their turn to exchange vows. A few women even wore traditional wedding gowns. Most didn't seem to have any family or friends accompanying them.

This couple met a black robed judge at the top of the building's grand staircase and took a position directly under a big light fixture.
A couple of minutes later they sealed the deal with a kiss.
I'm guessing this sort of thing happens all day long because no one aside from me seemed interested in any of the activity. Outside more couples were lining up.

Maxfield's House of Caffeine in the Mission Dolores neighborhood on the corner of Dolores and 17th Street. Among the 19 mid-afternoon patrons in the cafe, 15 were using the free Wi-Fi.

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Greg said...

Hi Keith! You were on our block! That's out neighborhood. Feel free to use our free wifi if you need to. Call us when you're back in town.