Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lower Haight - Filmore

The quintessential view of San Francisco. Alamo Square, also known as Postcard Row, is home to this famous line of houses nicknamed the Painted Ladies - along with a perfectly proportioned vista of the city's skyline behind them. (Click on any pic to view it full size.)
It's reportedly one of the most photographed scenes in the city. So I did my part to keep up the record.
Things were pretty peaceful until a bus pulled up and a swarm of tourists went racing across the green with cameras clicking. It was like some bizarre TV reality show challenge. Take the best picture you can from Alamo Square but you only have 10 seconds to complete your task.This was my route Friday from our temporary lodgings just below Twin Peaks through the Lower Haight and Filmore neighborhoods and ending in the Castro. Thankfully, the 4.5-mile path was mostly downhill or flat.An unusual shoe garden surrounds the garden shed in Alamo Park. The strangely haunting space is the creation of head gardener David Clifton. Read more about Clifton and the garden in this San Francisco Chronicle article.

In contrast to the upscale houses and Victorian mansions surrounding Alamo Square, the nearby Lower Haight has a decidedly shabby-eccentric feel.
The neighborhood's main commercial strip is lined with off-beat shops, dive bars and cheap eateries like the Rosamunde Sausage Grill. A constant flow of customers carried bags of food out of the grill late in the afternoon and walked straight into Toronado, a next door bar known for its huge beer list.

Dusk back at the ranch.

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KleoPatra said...

Lovin' the photographs!! Wish i was there!! i'm headed up to Pismo Beach tomorrow, so about halfway there, no?! HAVE A GREAT TIME!! Thanks for posting the pix and the link to these from Facebook, Keith.