Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Parting shots from S.F.

Castro and Market. Click on any pic to view it full size.

These ruins are all that's left of the Sutro Baths, an elaborate public bathhouse built in 1896. It eventually became an ice rink and burned down in 1966.
Sutro Tower stands 977 feet above the city and is used by 10 TV stations and four FM radio stations. The tower sits on Mount Sutro which, like the baths, was named for Adolph Sutro, a former mayor of the city and land developer.
Me and Chris in front of the Palace of Fine Arts.
The price of gas jumped 10 cents last weekend.
Retro gone bad.

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Jumpthesnark said...

Oh gawd. Not a Flashdance sweater! Noooooo!