Monday, May 19, 2008

From the "Only in New Orleans" file

This gun-toting, 6-foot-1 drag queen was captured on a security camera entering a Burger King in New Orleans where he held workers at gun point, demanded money then sped off in a pick-up truck. Read WWL-TV's version of the story here and watch the station's video report here.

My favorite part is when the station's crime specialist gives the reasons why he believes this was a genuine drag queen and not some punk in a disguise -- the robber's necklace matched the dress, his nails appeared to be painted and the wig clearly wasn't a cheap dime-store buy.

For the record, San Diego isn't nearly this interesting.

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Greg Grodss said...

I trust that when this he/she is apprehended, feloniously bad dress will be among the charges.