Saturday, May 03, 2008


Chris and Mario showed me a couple of hilltops near the condo before I headed downhill into Haight-Ashbury for the afternoon.

The temp was a bit warmer today - upper 60s - but the clear skies brought strong winds that made it feel colder than yesterday when the skies were overcast.

I was more than happy to end my 2-mile hike from Twin Peaks to the Haight and find a comfy coffee shop. My feet and calves were cramping pretty badly by the time I reached the neighborhood.

Part of the problem is all the walking I did yesterday. But I also haven't done a very good job hydrating. So I guzzled down a quart of water and a bottle of VitaminWater fortified with potassium. The treatment seemed to do the trick.
The streets off Haight Street are lined with rows of heavily embellished homes displaying all of the dominant styles of the Victorian period.

Here's my route from Twin Peaks to the center of the Haight.
I got a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge from one of the hills that I crossed.

Coffee to the People in Haight-Ashbury on Masonic St. The Wi-Fi is free, the patrons are talkative and the politics are far left.


KleoPatra said...

LOVE sf. i'm envious!

i was wondering where you've been!

Those are some fun, thought-provoking and interesting bumper stickers surrounding you and your LSA-stickered laptop there.

Be safe, have fun!

Jumpthesnark said...

Hey Keith - nice photos! Looks like a fun trip. I'm amazed you had time for all that PLUS updating the blog so much.

Keith said...

It's really simple David. I blog in my sleep :)
I blog, therefore I am.